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Achterhoek flag

There are many people who like to hang out a flag. You can hang out a flag for several reasons. You can do it because you like it or because you have a reason to hang out the flag. This can be on national holidays, but you can also do this for a special occasion such as a birth, marriage or when someone has died. 

Regional flag

If you come from the Achterhoek, the Achterhoek flag is of course very nice to hang up. However, the flag of the Achterhoek is not a normal flag. It is part of a regional flag. A regional flag is not seen as an official flag. 

The Achterhoek did not have its own flag at first. It is not a defined region of the Netherlands. However, in 2018 on the initiative of Pak An together with the Zwarte Cross and Grolsch a contest was held. The idea was to make a design for a flag of the Achterhoek. 

Although it is not an officially recognised flag, it is used regularly. It is used by football clubs and is also supported by the Achterhoek Tourism Foundation. 

Free use

The flag of the Achterhoek is completely free to use for what you want. This means that you may also adapt anything you like to it. If you want to use the flag yourself to put it on mouth caps or clothing, that is also allowed. You are also free to sell it. 

The design of the flag of the Achterhoek is inspired by the coulisse landscape. The combination of light green and dark green shades should represent the difference between the meadows and the forests of the Achterhoek. The white cross with the green outline around it is supposed to represent winding roads lined with trees. 

The flag of the Achterhoek is very well known in the media. This has ensured that many people in the Netherlands are familiar with the flag. That is why the flag of the Achterhoek is seen a lot these days. 

Hanging out the flag of the Achterhoek

If you want to hang out a flag of the Achterhoek, you have to take a number of things into account. Flags are available in many different sizes. That is why it is important to make sure you choose the flag that suits the place where you want to hang it up. 

The formats most commonly available are:

  • A table flag of 10 by 15 cm
  • A small boat or tent flag of 20 by 30 cm
  • A normal boat or tent flag of 30 by 45 cm
  • A large boat or tent flag of 50 by 75 cm. 
  • A facade flag of 70 by 100 cm
  • A large wall flag or small mast flag of 100 by 150 cm
  • A normal masthead flag of 150 by 225 cm
  • A large mast flag of 200 by 300 cm

There are a number of other variations on these sizes. However, these are the most common sizes that you will see at others. 

When you choose a flag, it is important to make sure that you have a flag whose size also suits its use. Otherwise, you might end up with a flag that is too big or too small. This of course does not look good. 

Use for hanging out a flag

If you want to fly the flag of the Achterhoek, there are a number of customs that must be observed. In the Netherlands you are free to fly a flag whenever you want. There are no rules laid down by law. You may also choose to fly a flag at half mast if you feel it is necessary. You are completely free to do this in the Netherlands. 

When you want to fly the flag of the Achterhoek in combination with another flag, it is customary to hang the main flag to the right. If you want to add the Dutch flag, the Dutch flag is often hung to the right of the flag of the Achterhoek. 

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