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Cotton is a raw material that has been used for thousands of years for various purposes. The seeds of the cotton plant are used as fiber for various types of textiles. This piece of textile is spun both by hand and by machine into a soft and breathable piece of textile. According to research, the Egyptians were already using it in 12,000 BC for such things as cloths and furs. In India, it has been used for more than 3000 years for the production of clothing and textiles. 

When this plant is planted it will take 50 to 85 days before you see the first buds. After that it will take about 100 days before this plant is fully grown. In most cases, annual plants are used. You can get the best cotton during a frost-free period of 200 days with little rain and lots of sunshine. For this reason, it cannot be produced in every long.

How is organic cotton grown?

The difference between normal and organic cotton is in the cultivation. In the organic variant, no pesticides are used. However, nowadays there are biological means that can be used to protect the plant. Many kinds of animals like to be in these plants and therefore everything is done to keep them away as much as possible. Only in this way you can produce enough so it remains affordable. We see more and more biological clothing that is available at an affordable price. Often plant extracts are used to keep pests at bay. There is also a lot of crop rotation so the nutrients stay in the soil and no artificial means are needed to feed the soil. Also, the weather is picked by hand so no machines are needed.

What is it used for?

Cotton is often used for various types of textiles. Think of the beautiful tablecloths we have on our tables. But also many clothes are made of this material or a large percentage is used in the clothes. Also terry cloth like towels are made from this material a lot. There are many types of cloth in the world and they all have their own unique properties. This has to do with the weather and the circumstances in the countries where they grow it. In budget stores you will often find rougher clothes because they come from countries where there is little sun or regular frost. But at the big brands you will find softer fabrics because they are picked in the original countries. You can also notice this in the price difference between them. But it is worth every dime.

A duvet cover made of Cotton and satin

The biggest advantage of a combination of cotton and satin in a duvet cover is the smooth finish. Many people also find it soft to the touch because it is so smooth. You can also see it in the shine of the duvet. You often see this with the richer people and hotels. However, the price has changed a lot in recent years making it more accessible for the general public. Where it used to be a luxury to have this, it is now available for everyone. 

A pillowcase also has a positive effect on your hair. Your hair gets less frizzy, which makes getting up in the morning easier because you have less work to do with your hair. It also keeps your hair from getting tangled. It also has a proven effective function on the skin. For most people you can see this in the even skin that also feels nice and soft.

Cotton in the clothing industry

Unfortunately, cotton in the clothing industry is also the cause of much pollution. It is in fact second on the list of most polluting industries. This is also because a lot of machinery is needed in the production of the clothing as well as in the cultivation. The use of fuels causes a higher CO2 emission which is very bad for the climate. This is the reason why more and more farmers choose to do this in an organic way. They also leave the pesticides behind which are polluting for the climate. There are botanical products for this, which do not have this impact on the climate. Climate goals are not reached and therefore they are working hard to grow the organic plant in more places. However, this is not always easy because it must be picked by hand. 

The stories of growing in different countries

Cotton is grown all over the world. However, more and more countries are switching to the use of botanical pesticides or using less chemical alternatives. An example of this is Australia, which went from 15% to 95% within a few years. So they are already using almost no chemical pesticides and herbicides. The united states have also increased from 20% to 73%. This has taken some time because of the economic picture that is connected with it. If all countries continue to deliver their share, it will slowly become less polluting. It is one of the industries that has been told for years that they must improve. After decades we can see the effects of this, but we are not there yet.

Advantages of cotton

One of the biggest advantages of cotton is that it is grown in many countries. In this way there is a large supply which makes it a cheaper material. In addition, it has a soft structure which makes it pleasant to wear. It also absorbs a lot of moisture which makes it feel more airy. It is also a material that does not wear out quickly and therefore has a long life. You can best hang it on the clothesline to dry because in a dryer it shrinks and wrinkles.

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